Axolotl Eat Souls

It’s like having Keith Moon in the room. Only safer.

What no explosives in the toilet?
 Scrooge McDuck - Guardians Of The Lost Library

Poor slut, you don’t look like you had a good night
hunting D.U.C.K.s

by Arnd Dewald
The watertower in Lauttasaari will be demolished early 2014.

This is what I look like now.  (self portrait)  On the 20th of August, I admitted myself into the behavioral center for self mutilation.  I was released on the 4th of this month.  I don’t mind my cuts; they tell a story.  Anyway, sorry if this is shocking.  Like I said: this is me.  I’m not doing it anymore.
The background was blacked out by my photographer friend, James Michael Cram, and I added the texture.
What does everyone think of the portrait itself?
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